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Old 10-11-2013, 10:20 PM
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Default NGD: ESP Maverick Deluxe... part 2!

Hey guys, just snagged this beauty from eBay. Had some cash left over and I'm about to move into a new place, and I'm picking up one of these: 6 Guitar Folding Case and needed a 6th guitar to fill that last slot haha

It's an ESP Maverick Deluxe, transparent red finish this time not a custom shop or anything exciting, but I'd really wanted to try EMG pickups so this worked out really well. So far, I really like the single coils, like REALLY like them, the humbucker just sounds pretty normal to me. Definitely not bad, and it does have quite a bit of output and seems relatively transparent to me. It's an EMG 81X, I may swap in an 85X at some point in the future just to try out, depends on if I can find one used.

So anyway, on to the pictures!

Arrived in this fantastic G&G hardshell case. Interesting note: The metal ESP plaque bolted to the case is on the opposite side as my other Maverick's case.

Inside the case. This one isn't form-fitted to the maverick body shape, unlike my other one. Possibly because this is a regular production model while the other is.. something else.

Super excited about the maple fretboard. I far prefer maple over rosewood, but this is actually the first guitar I have ever owned with a maple board. Crazy right?

Here's a good shot of the two piece alder body.

Pickups are EMG 81X, SX, SX. Super solid sounding.

ESP traditional headstock shape. I love this design, nice and small to stay out of the way but not quite as boring as say, the Carvin/TomAnderson/KramerBeak/Suhr type shapes. No offense to those guys of course.

Back of the headstock. Obviously had a price sticker or something here, I'll have to rub that off a bit.

Back of the body. The wood grain is really fantastic, and also confirms my belief that my other Maverick has an Ash body. This one is definitely Alder and the grain difference between the two is quite noticeable.

The full back, showing some flame in the neck. Not quite as flame-y as my other one, but still a nice bonus.

And here she is next to my other ESP Maverick Deluxe. I feel like this newcomer has some big shoes to fill as I'm so impressed with the green mav, but hey, so far it's doing very well.

I also changed out the stock humbucker in my other maverick for the Dimebucker, decided I was right the first time in hating that pickup, and purchased a Dimarzio D-Sonic from Ebay. I really like this pickup too, kinda gritty low end and deep sounding. Can sound reasonably classic to pretty mean, well balanced. Exactly what I was looking for really.

Verdict is out on the EMG's, so far so good though.

Also, I made a pretty cursory photoshop makeup of this guitar with a black pickguard... I may have one made, or cut one myself. I think it'd look pretty awesome. Too bad the body is routed for H/S/S, I'd love to pick up a second pickguard with a Hum/Hum config.

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Old 10-14-2013, 08:06 AM
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Never seen one of those before.
Pretty cool.
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Old 09-28-2014, 12:32 AM
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The sticker was the made in Japan sticker.
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