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Old 04-06-2012, 07:48 PM
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Default Busy!

Made a resolution (which I never do...resolutions are a stupid idea and meant to be broken) keep only one iron in the fire at a time.
THAT blew up, quick.
First two weeks of this year I built two amps.
One a Cygnus-7 (the old low watt high gain thing I've been doing for a while) and yet another Spitfire.
The Cygnus-7 turned out great, best ever.
The Spitfire doesn't work right and I couldn't figure it out.
Pulling secondaries down 100V but not blowing fuses.
Sidelined for now.

Finished the channel-switching Cygnus 30 watt, owner is dumb in love with it...great news.
Did a simple Harmony H400A refurbish.
Started to build two head cabs for the Cygnus-7's, and those are screwed up, man I struggle with cabs sometimes.
Still kicking around not done.

Started another Cygnus-30, without the channel switching, in process.
And got a really cool 50's radio just big enough to build a vintage Champ into.
Worked great for half a day then IT started showing the same symptoms as that Spitfire, not blowing fuses but really weak with B+ low by 150 volts.

Sideline it, go back to the Cygnus 30.

Sometimes it's as if nothing goes right, other times everything goes almost too great.
I think my problem is trying to recycle old chit, the answer will come when I rig up those two amps to fresh independent power supplies.

OTOH I have been incredibly blessed, stuff just falling into my lap.
Got a Carvin HT760M free (fan wasn't working), a Marshall rack Valvestate 8008 for free (looks like that will be an easy fix), a set of PRS singlecut pups
Scored yet another GREAT 50's Baldwin organ for almost nothing (full of parts, really, and some great tubes), and a Peavey Duece II among other boneyard stuff.

I have no idea why I'm posting this.
Just explaining for that "busy" status.

Fuggit, taking tonight off and slamming a few Yuenglings.
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Old 04-07-2012, 09:14 AM
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The Mad Scientist
Join Date: Dec 2007
Location: Irmo,SC,USA
Posts: 1,110
Favorite Axe: Charvel,Hamer,Kramer,Homebuilt Mini Bich, Jackson!
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Well hell.
The Champ works just fine on the test rig.
Answers my question, something's up with the salvaged power transformer.

Safety First!

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Old 04-09-2012, 06:27 AM
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I hear ya.
For me, it's just taking my time. Anytime I get in a rush is when I run into problems.

I've got the daphne blue lacquer for the strat, BUT before I get to that stage, I have to finish fixing little dents and tear outs and other stuff even before I can start putting on the sanding sealer. I'm using spot putty, and you have to build it up in thin layers. Put on a layer, sand it back, wipe off the sanding dust, and go again. I'm also having to square off the neck heel, because I wasn't thinking when I made the body, and rounded the heel with the rest of the back of the body. Fortunately, I think I've got the heel just about finished. I'll see when I sand this layer of spot putty off if I have to fill any tiny holes this time.
I've also got a couple of spots I'm smoothing out in the tummy cut, then it's on to the front, which hardly has anything that needs to be fixed.

Different things, similar concept.
Doing stupid stuff always beats not doing smart stuff.
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