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Old 09-10-2014, 09:43 PM
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Default HNPD: Bogner Ecstasy Red and Boss DD=3

Went down to GC to do some horse trading and walked out with these two:

*The Bogner Ecstasy Red: for the last couple of months, I had been deliberating about what distortion/overdrive unit to buy, with the shrill, sterile and harsh-sounding MXR Full Bore Pedal not agreeing with my ears [no matter what settings/adjustments I've tried, unfortunately], it was between this, the Wampler Triple Wreck and the ISP Theta Preamp [I saw on CL a store offering a new Vox Satchurator and a Rocktron Metal Planet, but I bypassed it] is everything as advertised and a lot more....the range of sounds you can dial-in is staggering, I love the variac switch for low-volume sweetness, the mode switch is killer, the EQ switch I'm still experimenting a bit [I read in the manual it's best to leave it at neutral for hi-gain, more tailored for lower gain] and the structure switch is pretty cool, offering modes of the Bogner Ecstasy Red Channel [100-101-20th Anniv.]...I am very happy with this pedal, it is the stopgap, plus I have the organic warmth, roundness and versatility

*Boss DD-3: I used to have this pedal long ago, it was so easy to dial-up the lead tone delay I've always used, unlike the Digitech Digidelay that's in my pedalboard, sounds great with the Bogner

Yes, it was a good pedal day!!
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