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Old 12-21-2014, 09:41 AM
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Default Deciding ona NEW Old Shredder help

Hi to all. Im new to the forum. I am glad to be here! I have been playing guitar for many years. I have mainly played ESP's, Ibanez, BC Rich, Japan Washburn and others but for the most part its been ESP.

I am looking to buy a new old guitar and am focusing on a Shredder from the 1980s but not another ESP as I already have a bunch. I have no objection to Japan made stuff as I already own some Matsumoku guitars and love them. I have never really played a Kramer or even a Jackson from the 80s. Some makes I am considering are Peavey Vandenberg/Destiny/Nitro, Charvel, Kramer, Barrington, Tokai, Yamaha RGX, Carvin, Fender HM Strat, Aria get the idea. The problem is I don't have anywhere locally that I can just go out and try these guitars so it makes it very complicated.

My main guitar that feels the best to me that I currently own and play is my Japan ESP Horizon and my 2 first year ESP Korean Made LTD H-200 and H-300 which are the equal to the new H-1000's. I prefer bolt necks with the woody neck rather than painted neck but a neck thru is ok as well. I know its all how it feels to you but judging by my like of the ESP necks, does anyone have a suggestion. Basically I like a flatter type neck not a big round Gibson type.

Your input would be greatly appreciated especially if you have played some of the more obscure guitars from the smaller makers. I am trying to keep it under $700 price wise so a Stagemaster is out, lol. Thanks to all!
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Old 02-02-2018, 11:09 PM
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Get a killer old school 80's rich. I highly recommend the USA stiii's and gunslingers. Those have natural oiled necks that are some of the best feeling necks I've ever played.
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