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Default INFO: Kahler Maintenance
by CaptainClaw 09-23-2009

This page will teach you about the basics of caring for your Kahler guitar bridge. We'd like to thank valued forum member Axebuilder for contributing this valuable information! We're sure it will be helpful to those new to working with Kahler bridges. Please note that we've included a diagram of popular Kahler models below to assist you with this guide.

The first thing you'll need make sure to do is oil the roller/saddles every 3 months or so. This will insure a lifetime of high performance and allow the Kahler to operate at its best. 3-In-1 household oil is suggested.

When installing strings be sure to bend the ball end of the string to the shape of the cam. When installing the string into the forks on the bridge be sure that the ball remains perpendicular and does not rotate once inside. At this point you may wanted to set the fine tuners to their midway position. This will allow greater control over fine tuning your guitar's bridge once the strings are in place.

You can adjust the height of the strings by turning the set screw located right behind the roller saddle. This will allow you the greatest flexibility in action, and accommodating the radius of your fretboard.

Using a Phillips screwdriver you can loosen the saddle and move it forward and backwards for adjusting the intonation.
Behind the Phillips screw there's another set screw, and this is for locking the saddle in place. Kahler
saddles can be moved left and right to accommodate many different string spacings (for example: 1 15/16", 2”, and 2 1/4”).

Using an allen wrench you can adjust the spring tension for the different types/gauges of strings you may use. The most common mistake people make while setting up Kahler bridges is not allowing enough tension. For reference, the tail piece should be level with the base plate. Personally, I prefer to have it a tad below the base plate, so if that's something you're interested in trying, feel free to work with the bridge a bit. If anything it will help make you more comfortable with working on it in the future. As with anything else, practice makes perfect.

Important! Turning the screw clock-wise adds tension, while turning it counter clock-wise decreases tension.

To allow the tremolo bar to move more freely, adjust the tremolo bar tension screw. Tighen this screw to keep the bar from spinning around. DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN this screw! A light, snug feel is all that's required.

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