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How many images can I upload into My Photos?
You can upload up to 50 images into the My Photos section of your profile. The maximum size for each picture is 1024x800 pixels and must be in one of the following formats: JPG/JPEG, GIF, or PNG.

What kind of images are acceptable for My Photos?
You can upload images as JPG/JPEG, GIF, or PNG.

What's the biggest size I can upload to My Photos?
The maximum image size is 1024x800 pixels. You will notice the system scales the image down for presentation purposes, but when you or someone else clicks them, they will be displayed full size.

How do I upload pictures into My Photos?
Uploading pictures is as easy as it gets! Follow these steps and you'll be on your way!
  • First, click the My Photos link in the navigation bar on the site.
  • A menu will appear. Choose the Upload an image option.
  • The next page that appears is where you do the actual uploading. See the section that reads Image to upload? That's where you'll want to do your business. You can upload 3 images at a time. Click one of the browse buttons to find an image you'd like to upload. Do this again and again as needed.
  • Once you're done browsing for photos, click the Host it button. The system will put your photos right into your profile so everyone can view them. It's that easy!

Can I make images private?
Yes. By default, every image you upload to the My Photos section is viewable by the public at large. This is by design, since the nature of the service is to allow you to share photos with other members. You can, alternately, choose to make images private by following the steps below. This will make them viewable only by you and the system administrators only.
  • Click the My Photos link in the site navigation bar.
  • Choose My images from the drop-down list.
  • Find the photo you want to make private and click the Set private link below it.
If you decide to make it public at any time afterward, simply follow the above steps but choose the Set public option instead.

What exactly is My Photos?
My Photos is a service provided to all registered members of as a way to save them from having to use a third party service (such as PhotoBucket) just to include photos in their posts here. We've made it very simple to use, and inserting images into your posts is much more intuitive than using the other services out there.

Can I upload pictures of my guitars?
Well... yes and no. The My Photos service was not intended to be used to host guitar collections, because we have another service available solely for that purpose at (which is accessible from the Collections link in the site navigation bar). This doesn't mean you have to use that service, but we encourage you to if you've got guitar pics you'd like to share. The My Photos service is intended more for hosting odds and ends that wouldn't otherwise be appropriate for the collections site. This might include photos of your pet hampster, hot girlfriend/wife, trip to the Bahamas, or any other photos that you feel the need to share with the rest of the class.

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