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How to use the ShredGuitars Pager
Not only can you send private messages to each other (similar to email), you can now send instant messages to other members via the ShredGuitars pager system. Using it is very simple once you get the swing of it. You can send messages in real time to other logged on members, or you can alternately send messages to offline members. When they log back on to the site, your message will pop up for them to view. Here's how it works...
    To "page" a member from the forum threads, you will see a small set of cartoon style baloons at the top of each post (to the right side, noted below as "send a pager message"). Click it. This will bring up a dialog allowing you to send a message.

    You can also send pager messages from member profiles as well. You will notice text that reads "Send a pager message to [member name]". Clicking this produces the same results as above.

    You will also notice you now have a second "inbox" at the top right side of the screen. One is for private messages, and the other is for pager messages. Pager messages are there for your convenience and once they have been read by you, will be removed in no more than one hour. This eliminates the need for you to keep track of cleaning it up every day as it piles up like private messages do!

Enjoy the feature guys!! :thumbs:

How to create a video avatar
  1. Visit your User Control Panel
  2. Click the Edit Profile link in the menu on the left and scroll all the way to the bottom of the page
  3. You will see the Video Avatar section. Follow the instructions there to create your new video avatar
  4. Click Save

After following these steps, you too will have your very own video avatar! Enjoy!!

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