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What am I allowed to post in the eBay section?
You can post any auctions on eBay providing they are not your own. Posting your own auctions is viewed as spam and will be handled as such (read: DELETED). Continuous spamming will result in account termination and/or banning.

Does my classified ad have an expiration date?
Currently, there is no set expiration date for classified ads. We are working on implementing a more 'proper' classified system when members can control how long ads run for and will be able to close them at will... similar to the way a real newspaper classified might work... but until then we rely on manual pruning. What this means is that from time to time, site administrators will go in and remove postings that are x amount of days/months old. For instance, an admin might go in and delete all classifieds that are over 6 months old. That being said, we will not guarantee the lifespan of your posts in this section of the site.

Can I post my own auctions?
Absolutely not. Posting your own auctions is viewed as forum spam and will be treated as such. Continuous spamming will result in account termination and/or banning.

What can/can't I post in the Classifieds?
You are allowed to post anything "on topic" (i.e., guitars, guitar parts, amps, effects, etc) with this forum. This includes items for sale, wanted listings, and trade offers. Use your best judgement and in 99.9% of the cases you'll be just fine. In other words, don't sell your car here. You'll be shot on sight. Do not post links to your business in our classifieds. We are not here to promote your business, only to help individuals buy/sell/trade free of charge. If you run a business, we offer advertising on our site that you can utilize. Just ask. We reserve the right to remove any posting we feel is not in keeping with the best interest of our members.

How should I list my ad?
Here are a few acronyms that you should choose from when posting your ad in the classified section of the site:
    WTB - Want To Buy
    WTS - Want To Sell
    WTT - Want To Trade
    FS - For Sale
    FT - For Trade
Always preface your posting title with one of these acronyms so that readers can easily identify your intention without having to open items unecessarily. Here are a couple of example titles...
    WTB: 1980s Jackson Soloist
    WTS/WTT: polka dot Kramer Nightswan and matching panties

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