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11-08-2009, 12:18 AM
Thanks to all those who gave me insight into the XL series kramers (in a thread over at the KF).

Anyway, I swung by the pawn shop and checked all the frets, made sure the electronics worked, etc.
It had some issues, but I took a little risk and bought it, and I was able to get the guy to throw in an SKB case that I actually looked up and is probably worth more than I paid for both the guitar and the case haha.
It had large-gauge acoustic strings on it (lol!!), the bridge was pulling forward pretty far, and the bridge pickup would cut out when I rolled off the tone (I was hoping this was just because it was so far away from the strings and not a "broken coil" as I've seen on a few rickenbackers). It had some stickers and junk on it but I took them off, cleaned it up, dumped the old strings and cleaned the neck (which is in immaculate condition, with a pretty thick C-shape compared to my PC2 which is a C/D kind of shape, not quite as flat as a few later american kramer's I've played).
The tuners are junk, but they do actually hold tune pretty well, I wasn't able to get the trem bar, and I'm guessing it dates to 1989 as the serial is XL-024xx. It only has three issues, a small ding to the wood at the top right side of the waist contour, a small ding in the black on the top of the headstock near the b-string tuner, and the top horn strap pin screw has stripped the wood, but it stays in fine just a little wiggly to me.

I've never seen an XL with a beak headstock btw, is this normal? It is a single/hum layout, which is pretty much my favorite config. Body shape is a rounded strat shape but with longer, thinner horns. Also, it plays pretty great, very similar to my 95 MIJ Telecaster, and the pickups sound surprisingly good. The bridge hum is pretty hot (though I raised it up a bit and lowered the bridge), and sounds LOADS better than the dimebucker that was in my PC2 when I bought that.

Okay, enough talk.. down to the pictures :thumbs:


And the XL1 with my PC2 (still need to dump that dimebucker ahhh!!)

11-08-2009, 10:49 AM
NICE AXE MAN! :thumbs:

Don't ya just love it whan you find a diamond in the rough, buy it, and turn it into sumpthin special? :eusa_danc Not to mention: I LOVE a bargain, and I get a little giggly inside when I'm outsmarting whoever is the seller. :eusa_whisEspecially when you don't mind doing a little TLC to obtain what ya want! :icon_cool

Super score! :eusa_clap

11-11-2009, 09:18 AM
It looks really sweet,i really dig that pickup layout too :)