View Full Version : Interested in USA KV2

05-18-2009, 10:44 AM
Hi all,

I always wanted a Jackson (like Dave Mustaine's) growing up, but stuck with Ibanez, which I still love. Recently I played a few Japanese Jackson Rhoads V's and really loved the neck, and everything else.

So I want to try out the USA KV2. That's what I always wanted. However, they don't have them at any Guitar Centers. Are there any other shops that would have them? One salesman recommended I order one and purchase it, then bring it back within 30 days if I don't like it.

Any other recommendations?


05-18-2009, 10:58 AM
Depending on where you are, www.mattsmusic.com, www.themusiczoo.com, www.drumcityguitarland.com, www.vwallguitars.com or www.onlinestagegear.com may be relatively close, most of them should have at least one KV in stock to give a whirl :headbang:

They´ll also almost all beat any advertised price on a jackson and offer great service, so I´d recommend going there before going to GC ;)

05-26-2009, 05:56 AM
piney hills studios is also a good place if you are near louisiana (or even if you're not lol)