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01-11-2008, 07:38 PM


If you haven't played one of these, give em a shot. They're great fun to noodle around on and are very nice guitars for the $200 they sell for. OLP has changed the neck profiles to be the exact assymetrical profile of the EBMM's for their '07 guitars and man, what a difference! This one also is unfinished vs. the satin finish they had previously. Slick as hell.

The frets are medium's...not quite my taste. Although they make chording feel more natural, they feel akward when bending and I often find myself a little overbent during soloing. They're well polished and evenly dressed up and down the neck, so the action's pretty low and doesn't buzz bad at all. The MM1's ship with Ernie Ball 9-42 Slinky's, btw.

Everyone knows how the pickups sound. Almost exact DiMarzio Tone Zone/Air Norton clones, minus a little in the dynamics department. Nice crunchy tone in the bridge, very fat and fluid in the neck. Great sounding guitar!

The finish is much brighter than photographed, but not an annoying type of bright. It's not a real maple top, either, so don't get all excited. But, it looks nice and I've gotten nothing but compliments on this guitar.

I've been playing it through my GuitarPort and I've gotten fantastic tone, ranging from VH to Megadeth, all the way to SRV even. Once I get a 1/8" cable to run into my PC's audio input, I'll post some recordings.

The only thing I don't like are the medium frets and the photofilm top. I'd prefer it have jumbo's and atleast a maple veneer like the Floyd Rose models have. The best qualities are the amazing neck and pickups and the trans red finish is just outright gorgeous with the chrome hardware.

Definately recommended. :thumbs:

PS- Next week, I'm sending the neck to be refretted with Dunlop 6100 frets and have the nut and saddles replaced with GraphTech replacements. Once that's done, I'll post another update.

01-11-2008, 08:16 PM
sweet review :thumbs:

when i go to guitar center tomorrow, ill check em out

01-13-2008, 02:37 PM
Agreed dude, these guitars are the shit for the price. I've played them at GC and was quite literally blown away. I don't like the looks so much (never have liked it since EVH first showed up with 'em), but for the price you just cannot go wrong.

The OLP I want is the MM612 double neck (6 and 12 string). Anyone seen one of those? I've played one and I have to have it... if not just for recording purposes only. If I recall, it was either $400 or $500. For a fucking DOUBLE NECK.


01-13-2008, 05:15 PM
The doublenecks usually go for $350 on the bay, Captain. :thumbs:

There should be 2 on there right now, actually...

Invader Chris
01-14-2008, 07:40 PM
I hope they make a bass/guitar doubleneck... that would be freaking sweet.

01-15-2008, 02:24 AM
Hey David, when you say the frets are medium, are they medium jumbos or just medium? :icon_lol:

01-20-2008, 09:44 AM
Looks really good for an OLP. Every one of them Ive played has been a total POS though.

01-20-2008, 09:52 AM
Looks really good for an OLP. Every one of them Ive played has been a total POS though.

Yeah, they're QC is kinda iffy. This one's great, though, but I know what you mean. That's the risk you run with basically every sub-$500 guitar nowadays. :eusa_naug

Hey David, when you say the frets are medium, are they medium jumbos or just medium? :icon_lol:


01-20-2008, 10:01 AM
Hey David, when you say the frets are medium, are they medium jumbos or just medium? :icon_lol:


haha I was being Serious :icon_lol: :rofl:

I have medium jumbos on my strat (I'm assuming they have, I checked on musicians friend and they said it does :rofl:) and I quite like the frets I have on there.

01-20-2008, 10:16 AM
These are medium's. They're not jumbo's in any way. My Ibanez had freakin train tracks for frets, so this is an odd transition. BUt it's good to feel the fretboard under your fingers for a change. Makes it feel like I have more control. :thumbs:

Doctor Shred
03-28-2008, 06:54 AM
cool review

03-28-2008, 09:56 AM
I bought mine from Funky Monkey when they were first released. I have the Trans Blue with the rockfield mafia pickups and of course the Floyd Rose. Since the day it arrived, I have not been able to find one thing wrong with it. It plays well, sounds awesome. The guys at Funky Monkey set it up perfectly. If you have not played one lately go check one out.


03-29-2008, 06:39 AM
If you're happy with it.... thats all that matters.

09-08-2009, 02:13 PM
Sorry to bump an old thread but thought i'd mention I just picked one of these, should have it next week. Got it for $150US loaded with a Wilkinson trem, Dimarzio Steve's special (bridge) and Dimarzio PAF Pro (neck).:thumbs: