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Invader Chris
05-04-2007, 07:28 PM
For the past couple months, I've been shreddin' on an Ibanez SZ320 (older black model, with the exposed wood, faux binding). Man, there's definitely a reason Marty Friedman digs these guitars! It's got a super fast neck, but it's got some beef to it. Imagine if an Ibanez Wizard neck got it on with a 60's Gibby neck.

The stock Duncan/Ibanez pickups are pretty sweet, too. They're modeled off the Distortion and '59, and sound great. I've got mine loaded with DiMarzios, but would've been ok with the stocks if I couldn't change them. So far, I've had an Evo neck model in the neck, a Super 3, Air Classic, and half-Air Zone (Tone Zone with one coil "aired") in the bridge, and they've all sounded great. I've got a Fred on the way, which I intend to try in the neck and bridge. It's wired with 2 volumes, a tone, and a 3 way that gives the neck by itself, the inner coil from each pickup in parallel (very cool), and bridge by itself. I'm thinking about getting really crazy with it, making all 3 knobs push/pulls, and getting series/parallel, coil splitting, and something else out of it.

The bridge is awesome, too. Not a sharp edge on it :)

Invader Chris
08-11-2007, 01:16 PM
Just a bump for what's becoming a KILLER guitar. I've now sanded the neck down to bare wood and oiled it, which made it feel a little chunkier for some reason, but I like it even more.

Pickup-wise, it now has a Duncan Invader in the bridge, and the stock neck pickup. I'm going for a little raunchier, PAF-ish tone, so the DiMarzios had to get pulled. I'm also trying to get a wiring scheme working that gives neck, bridge, and in the middle, one coil from each in series, or a "virtual 3rd 'bucker" as the guy on the Duncan forum who came up with it says.